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Pros and Cons

• Serious relationships only.
• No need to post a photo.

• Lengthy sign up process.
• Monthly membership expensive - consider joining on a three month plan.

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Parship is a great place to find other over 40 singles looking for a serious relationship. Its large European membership means that you are not limited to the UK, unless you want to be. Using the compatibility matching system may feel like it is limiting your choice of partner, but in practice it is ensuring good matches.
To increase your number of potential matches, slightly widen the age range that you are prepared to consider.

Full Review is specifically aimed at people looking for a long-term relationship, this means that the people you meet through Parship should be wanting the same type of commitment that you do.

Parship uses a unique psychometric compatibility test, which put simply means that in theory you will only be matched with people who are potentially highly suited to you.

Parship launched in 2001 and has members from 13 European countries. It claims to be Europe's largest dating service for people wanting a long-term relationship. The kind of person you are likely to meet using Parship breaks down into a few main categories:

People with an older age profile than most other dating sites, perfect for the over 40s.
People who have never married.
People who have divorced or who are separated.
People who may or may not have children.
People looking for long-term relationships.

The Parship compatibility test was created by psychologist Professor Hugo Schmale from Hamburg University, it is based on 30 years of research. The test is free to complete and only takes around 20 minutes. To take the test you first have to create an account. To create an account all you need is an e-mail address and password. We recommend creating a new e-mail address with a free e-mail provider such as Google, for all your online dating.

The test is about 80 questions long, all of which are multiple-choice. On top of the general compatibility test you can specifically request the age range you are interested in meeting, and location. Once complete, a list of possible matches is generated, you can then browse this list to see how accurate the test was, and whether or not there are any profiles you would like to take a closer look at. Parship rates compatibility on a scale from 1 to 100, a score of above 54 is meant to be very compatible.

If you like the look of one of the possible matches you can start to communicate with them. You can send a Contact Request (a short message), or an Icebreaker (a ready made questionnaire with three or four short questions). You can also send an online smile as a comment on a recommended profile.

There is no requirement to post a photo on your profile, in fact photos are only released on a one to one basis. So if you don't want to show your photo to someone, you really don't have to. This can be a great advantage for some people who feel that showing their photo to everyone online is a bit like advertising yourself and that makes them feel uncomfortable. membership plans are as follows:

One month costs £35.00, three months £57.00 and six months £84.00.

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